Bu Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago I collaborated with Bu, a brand that focuses on chemical free organic cotton and bamboo clothing for newborns and toddlers. The clients are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and it was a really cool experience to see how business is conducted in Vietnamese culture. The other jobs I’ve done in Hanoi have all been with expats so this was a different experience and one I really enjoyed. I recruited Chris as my trusty assistant for the day and let me tell you, he sure knows how to light a photo! After a long day of shooting, we were so spoilt by the clients who took us out for dinner and made us eat until we rolled out the restaurant! Thanks once again to Bu for the opportunity, the moms who brought their babes and to Chris for all your help!

Bu took a big chance on me as they knew I had never shot little babes before. On the shoot day I was amazed to see how my skills working as an interior designer helped me with the shoot. My twenties have been full of me doubting myself but this was one of those moments where I thought “You’ve got this”. I’ve always fantasized about being a stylist for shop front retail displays more than being a hard core interior designer, drawing tiling and lighting layouts. The shoot gave me the chance to be a bit of that person.

What I didn’t fantasize about when I was younger, was that this job would mean sweeping floors, climbing ladders, hanging curtains and lifting heavy things. The end result is glamorous but when you see me sweating on a set or installation trust me it ain’t glamorous. It is an extremely rewarding job which, over the last 8 months I’ve come to realise I am hugely passionate about. I absolutely loved getting to style and shoot these images for Bu.

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