7 Fridays Hostel

Soon after arriving in Hanoi, I was fortunate enough to design a new hostel in Tay Ho. Most hostels in Hanoi are situated in the Old Quarter around Hoan Kiem Lake but this was to be the first of it's kind in Tay Ho. There's a huge need for a hostel in this area as most of the expats live in Tay Ho - generally most people teaching English in Hanoi will also end up living in this neighbourhood as there are many Western restaurants and a lot of events happen here. 7 Fridays is such a great introduction into the neighbourhood if you want to have a test run before settling. It has finally opened its doors so if you are planning a trip to Vietnam, look no further. They have an amazing opening special. - scroll down to the bottom of this post for the booking link.

My brief for the design was based on theme of vintage travel. Think red and blue postcards, old leather suitcases and film cameras. I was appointed to come up with the visual concept and the client followed through with the design implementation and project management. To best communicate the concept, 3D renders were generated and presented with the furniture and finishes specification.

As you walk into the hostel you are welcomed by a reception counter and small bar. Above is an open deck with a magnificent view over West Lake. Walking past the bar, you come to the best feature about the hostel - a pool. Pools are a pretty rare find in Vietnam despite the hot climate. This is the jewel of 7 Fridays and the center of her entertainment area. Continuing toward the sleeping quarter there's an outdoor seating area and off to the left, a proposed outdoor bathroom where guests can rinse off from a swim or simply enjoy an outdoor cleanse if the indoor bathrooms are busy. 

I had a lot of fun designing this space and I hope you will love it too! 


Some more info: 

Booking: via their Facebook Page or Hostelworld

Address: 22 Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

Number: +84 24 6666 2182