Tron - Vietnamese Restaurant

Tron is fairly new to Tay Ho. It's a franchise of restaurants serving very delicious Vietnamese food. What I love most about Tron is that they serve Banh Xeo! My favourite of all the Vietnamese dishes. Banh Xeo comes as a deconstructed dish that consists of a plate of fresh herbs, lettuce, carrot and cucumber, rice paper (to wrap the spring rolls), a crispy rice milk pancake and a dipping sauce. The crispiness of the rice milk pancake (not to be confused with a soft Western style pancake) is what I love most, it adds a perfect texture to the fresh spring rolls. Usually the pancake comes with meat and shrimp inside along with bean sprouts but the staff at Tron were very happy to make a vegetarian version for me, replacing the meat with mushrooms! They also serve their Banh Xeo with pineapple which gives a sweetness and freshness. When we make fresh spring rolls at home, we also include mango and replace the fish based dipping sauce with peanut sauce. It's a burst of all the flavour combinations in your mouth! I'm salivating as I write this!

I could go on about Banh Xeo for ages but I'm actually wanting to share their interior with you guys. The space is just as fresh as their food. The timber furniture is contrasted against white walls and accents of teal blue. The tables are dressed with traditional ceramic ware. A really nice touch on the tables is a cooling wipe which is much needed in this hot and humid climate. The cloth is dry when you arrive, as you sit down the waiter pours some water on the constricted cloth which allows it to expand. The experience took me back to childhood and having capsules in the bath that expand into big animal sponges. 

In keeping with the style of many Vietnamese interiors, the space also features lots of indoor plants. They are so lucky here to have the environment that allows tropical plants to grow like weeds. If we were settling here for longer, I'd definitely have an indoor forest by now.  If you're in Hanoi, I'd love to hear about your favourite spaces that feature loads of plants, leave your comment below. 




Address: 99 Xuân Diệu, Hanoi, Vietnam

Number: 096 670 55 55

Opening hours: 10 am - 10 pm