Deliciously Ella

I've been following Deliciously Ella on Instagram for a little under a year and I absolutely love her page and her ethos so I wanted to share a bit about it with you guys in case you hadn't heard of her already. 

Her plant based journey started out as a means to overcome an illness and while she went along the journey she shared her experience on her blog. One thing lead to another and now she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram! What I love about her, is her honesty in every post and the fact that her recipes are affordable vegan dishes that don't look too difficult to make. I'm still not 100% plant based and I don't know if I ever will be, but following Deliciously Ella is my daily source of inspiration to keep trying. 

I have to confess, that I have only ever made one of her recipes. Hanoi is notorious for making people rather lazy cooks, as food is so affordable. It's very often cheaper to eat out as a meal can cost as little as R11.00 (less than a dollar). However in keeping with laziness, the meal I did choose to make was a super easy 15 minute green pasta. You can find the recipe here. I do love that most of her recipes are easy things that I could attempt at home without having a Michelin star to my name. I want to start cooking much more again as we transition to a new city, so I'm considering buying her new recipe book. I've been following the progress on it and it looks like it includes some really tasty plant based recipes. It's currently half priced on Amazon so if you would like to buy it, just click here. I've included some images below of recipes I want to try. 

Now let's end on interiors - Her Deli in London looks absolutely gorgeous. Can we just stop and take a moment to admire the gold pendant light above the dining table! It's sensational. Does anyone know the designer? I love that the space is not trying to be too complicated, white walls paired with black fixtures and the odd pop of blue! It looks fresh and inviting and I can't wait to visit it when I have the chance to go to London again!

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