Pu luong Nature Reserve

You may have already seen my picturesque Instagram stories about our recent trip to Pu Luong but I wanted to share a few of my favourite images with you because the trip was just that magical. I also wanted to write a bit of an informative post about where we stayed and how we got there. Scroll on down, you won’t be disappointed.

Pu Luong is honestly one of the best areas in Vietnam, having now traveled an extensive amount of this country I can confidently say it was my favourite place. I am biased to the mountains, I always feel so at rest when surrounded by them. I found Pu Luong Retreat on Booking.com some time ago and this trip was finally our chance to go there. The infinity pool overlooking the mountains is definitely what drew me to book it and it did not disappoint one bit! I really needed this break after feeling a down about our Malaysia visa taking so long and this was all the medicine I needed. Chris and I kept wondering why we don’t live in the mountains every day.

I felt it was super important to share with you guys that this beautiful place did not cost us a fortune. Because Chris and I are travelling so often and because we’re really into saving for financial freedom we most often travel on a budget. We opted to stay in the dorm room at Pu Luong Retreat which only cost us $17.00 per person per night!!!!! GET OUT OF HERE! A delicious European style breakfast was included in the price and we got to lounge by that pool all day long!

I’d say it was a very fine deal! I only wish we could have stayed longer. If you’re interested in how we got there scroll down to the bottom of this post for more info. (Yes, this is my attempt at enticing you with the pictures first so you’ll have no choice but to book and then sort out how to get there afterwards)

How to get there

We have a motorbike in Hanoi but it’s only a 110cc so it’s not strong enough for steep hills with both of us on it. For this reason we chose to rent more powerful bike from Viet Motors. Chris chose a 150cc Honda HR. It came with a small rack on the back so we could strap our bag onto the back.

You can also get to Puluong by car or local bus but we chose a bike as we wanted the adventure of it. I felt so alive driving through the mountains with the wind against my face. I really wished that while we had been here we had done the North to South trip on a bike. Sadly we won’t have time to do it as our visa expires in a few days.