501 Gleneagles

The penthouse at 501 Gleneagles has a special place in my heart. Tanja and I first went to see the space when it was already in renovation phase. The client had a wonderful vision for the project, staying true to the building's art deco style. She didn't hold back on any of the finishes, the black and white tiles are true marble. Her role was to buy, flip and

My heart broke when the apartment didn't sell for over a year. The beautiful, glamorous space lay empty, crying out to be use for cocktail evenings and somebody to enjoy it's charm.

About two months before I was due to leave Profurn we got a call from our client to say she had a buyer!! Hooray, I was so happy for her. When the buyer asked for the apartment to be furnished within two weeks we all freaked out but my heart was smiling because I knew that would mean I could see this project to completion before I left! 

It is a dream penthouse, one fit for movie stars and bottomless champagne enjoyed over Johannesburg sunsets and successes. It was an honour to meet our client, she is one of those special, infectious people that sprinkles happiness to those around her.  

Special thanks to Calvin Copeling for his beautiful images of art deco buildings in Joburg and to Ryan and Dom for the text below. We loved how this space became a small gallery.

Created by Profurn Contracts

Images by Chris