Cong Caphe

If you drive around Hanoi for a week or two you'll start to notice there's a Cong Caphe every other block. They are a chain of coffee shops serving delicious Vietnamese style coffee and other drinks. Despite being here last year, Chris and I never actually stepped into a Cong Caphe. Today, we finally changed that.

We visited the Cộng Cafe on Xuân Diệu Street, West Lake. The interiors combine military paraphernalia with vintage finds. The spaces are dark and moody and a little little dusty but any old antique space isn't the same without a good few cobwebs, is it?

I'm sadly not a big coffee fan so I opted for the coconut milk and cocoa freezo and it was out out of this world delicious! I'm definitely going to attempt making it at home. Chris had major order envy, he ordered a coffee but didn't enjoy his so much because the irony about Vietnam is that while they have some of the best coffee beans in the world, when you order coffee, most places will bring you black coffee with condensed milk. It kills Chris because he is a die hard flat white fan and he never gets to enjoy the beans as he likes them. 

I'm going to be trying to shoot more interiors to share with you guys on my blog and Instagram. Please send me feedback on what you like/don't like so I know how I can improve this little passion project of mine.