Dongdaemun Design Plaza

As we stepped off the train at the the Dongdaemun Design Plaza I was in awe. The gigantic floating roof above me was a futuristic cloud, her curves accentuated in hues of warm and cool light. The hard, grey metal and concrete appearing so gentle in evening light. 

Everywhere I looked the details had not been forgotten. The bathroom symbols, the door handles, the signage, the lighting, the landscaping. Each detail had care and was a part of the bigger picture. Somebody significant was behind this building. While I was wondering around in awe, taking photos of the toilet symbols and random details, Chris was reading up on the building and her exhibitions. Indeed, somebody significant was behind this building! The late Zaha Hadid. It all made sense and I felt so incredibly lucky to finally be standing in one of her creations.

On the interior there's a huge design store that stocks products from all of Korea's best designers. The interior spaces are simple and uncomplicated with a lot of white space, allowing the mind clarity and contemplation. The central staircase was my favourite when viewed from the ground floor, an organic layering of forms highlighted by a single strand of light. 

Thanks Palesa-face for suggesting this place!!