House Laidlaw

The way we live today is very different to 10/20 years ago, when everybody had formal lounges, dining rooms and enclosed kitchens. Now we tend toward open plan living where kitchen meets the living space. Our on the go lifestyle means that often the kitchen is the gathering space in a home. This is exactly what our client wanted to achieve in this space, by breaking down just one wall they were able to create a more friendly versatile space that lets in loads of natural light from their patio and courtyard.

When styling this home we had no shortage of decor to use. The client has an amazing collection of trinkets and artwork that she and her husband have collected over time. The entrance hall is a double volume space that was previously painted in cream, with subtle hints of pink. We removed the dated romanticism from the space by adding the vertical grey and white stripe. A bold statement that completely transformed the house. This is an eclectic, contemporary space with a playful pop of purple and chartreuse. 

Created with Profurn Contracts

Images by Chris