Koi Cafe & Spa

I have this ever growing list of cute cafes, and places to see during our time in Hanoi. Every time I hear of a new spot, I add it to the list but most of the time I end up seeing the spot while we're whizzing past it on the motorbike and then I attempt to grab my phone and jot down the name while Chris dodges all the crazy Hanoi traffic. Koi Cafe and Spa wasn't one of those places but, it's been a number one spot on the list since I first read about it on Dezeen

It's a beautiful little cafe that is tucked away on Đường Láng Street. The cafe offers a fish pedicure on their menu so you can dangle your feet in one of the ponds, while catching up with friends over coffee. The interior features a Koi pond that is apparently linked to an aquaponics system which in turn sustains a vegetable patch on the rooftop. I particularly loved the perforated brick facade and open mesh ceiling that allows loads of natural light to filter into the space. These elements, combined with loads of indoor plants really made me feel the air quality was better within the space on a particularly polluted day. 

For some fresh air and an escape away from the bustling streets, I recommend visiting Koi Cafe which was designed by one of Hanoi's top architecture firms, Farming Architects