My love...

Today Chris and I are celebrating being married for two years!! It's gone so fast that it feels like only one year. By today's norms we got married really young but I've never regretted our decision. We got married, moved in together, started to settle down and then decided.. screw this! So we sold a lot of our things, stored a lot of our stuff at our parents' and moved into a shared house with my brother in Vietnam.

It's this backwards, unsettled lifestyle that I love having with Chris. His dream is to own a van and live life on the road, venturing from one town to the next as the wind takes us. On our wedding day he told me that he had always dreamed of meeting the girl he loved and then marrying her. He thanked me for making his dreams come true. Today, I'm thanking Chris for making my dreams come true every day that we live and adventure together. 

Being married to Chris is one of the biggest joys in my life. Not a day goes by where he doesn't bring laughter and playfulness into our relationship. He continues to care for me and have endless patience with me.

Thank you my love, may our journey together stand the test of time. 


Here are some of my favourite pics from our wedding day...

All shot by the lovely Anna Belle