The lead up to our journey

The lead up to our journey
Photo by Shalom Mwenesi on Unsplash. Jetsetting

Boxing day marked the start of our journey into the world as travelers and aspiring digital nomads. My personal journey up to our departure day was a rather hot emotional mess. I got terribly sick in my very last week at work, while Chris was away. The worst day of the fever was the day my brother arrived from Vietnam, Chris from Cape Town and my girls had a Christmas celebration. I could barely keep my head up, let alone crack a smile. The day prior, I had arrived at my parents and burst into tears telling them how happy I felt to be home and how good it felt to have company. That was the moment I realized the excitement of our adventure wasn't so exciting anymore. It was kind of the scariest thing I had ever done. Going to a new country, on a tourist visa with no job lined up. I kept thinking 'what the hell am I doing?'.

I also kept wondering why I was leaving the perfect job to do all this. My brother reminded me how perfect it was, after spending an incredible day at the Vaal with the Beyers family. He also wondered, why the hell I was doing this. The good byes to our clients and suppliers were difficult, I have worked with really incredible people at my time with Profurn. However, I felt strangely encouraged by the process, everybody genuinely wanted the best for me on my journey. I also felt so valued by them, an important thing for me in my young career where I kept thinking all I had done was make mistakes. 

Next was the packing of our little flat - I was at the peak of my flu when I should have been packing. I kept stressing about it and eventually got Fhatu in to help us. Fhatu made moving a dream - he is one of those incredible people I talked about from Profurn. Together with Chris we conquered the big move in one day. We went from one flat - into one bedroom at my parents place. One bedroom full of boxes and 4 suitcases still to pack. I patiently worked through each boxes and found storage homes for them throughout my parents and in laws home. Bless our dear parents!

Precious time with family and friends was spent in the last four days before we left. I really treasured this time, Christmas is always very special. I was dreading the final goodbyes at the airport. It was super tough, much harder than I anticipated. Since I moved out of home I have grown evermore fond of my parents. I genuinely think of them as some of my best friends now that I am older. 

I managed to hold myself together through the goodbyes but once we passed through customs, I cried my eyes out. The poor customs officer consoled me. "It's OK, darling. " This is classic Amy, I cry in private. I still had tears hiding falling behind my eye mask on the plane. Once we arrived in Dubai, as I had hoped, the excitement of our journey kicked in again. I was encouraged that everybody wanted us to make a success of our journey. One of the things my parents can be so proud of is that they gave me the confidence to take this journey. I am forever grateful. 

Here I am two weeks in, no tears, just excitement. In my next post I'll cover the first two weeks of our travelling adventure. This post was an important emotional mountain to summit. 


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