Yellow Cafe

Whilst walking to find the Botanical Gardens, Chris and I stumbled upon the Yellow Cafe. A cafe dedicated to Korean's love for Banana Milk. It's super tasty and you can pick one up from almost any convenience store. Yellow has long been my favourite colour for it's sunshine and happiness factor. The fun retro interior at Yellow Cafe makes you feel happy and child like as soon as you step inside. If you're in need of some happiness and you're in Jeju, be sure to check out both the Yellow Cafe and the Botanical Gardens a few steps away. 

I owe P's friend, Kelsey a big thank you for taking me on a quick tour around GS 25 to show me all the most delicious Korean snacks. She also introduced me to another yellow themed snack... Honey Butter Chips. Deep fried potato chips that literally taste as if they are smothered in creamy butter. I basically had the entire packet to myself. Wikipedia says they're called Happiness Butter Potato Chips in Japan. Lol! Happiness indeed. Kelsey told me that when they were launched in Korea people went nuts, all the stores sold out and couldn't keep up with the demand. 

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Address: 90 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si

Hours: Daily 09:00~21:00

Phone: 064-739-1140