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Let's collaborate...

I am an interior designer who loves making beautiful spaces for people to enjoy and feel their best in. I focus first on a space functioning well and then make it look visually appealing. I've always felt it was important to have a meaningful journey on this earth and for that reason I incorporate environmentally friendly practices in all my work. I believe in a holistic design approach that is all inclusive. This means that when I design I make sure all ages, ability groups and genders are able to use a space with comfort and ease.  

I enjoy creating a full experience for people where the interior not only looks beautiful but the senses of smell, sound and touch are enticed. These finer details are important in the enjoyment of a space and should not be forgotten. I provide clients with a few helpful tips to get the most out of the space to enjoy for themselves or for their guests. 

The process:

·         You provide me with a brief

·         We discuss the details over email or skype

·         Once the details are in place I provide you with:

o   A spatial layout complete with dimensions and technical details

o   A presentation of the scheme

o   A projection of expenses

·         I will guide you through each process from the brief to the finished product.